Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Travel: Cities to See ( iPhone apps)

This app features the best tourism videos showing some of Europe's most beautiful cities.

7 Cities to See in Europe

* Paris

* Rome

* Dublin

* Prague

* London

* Istanbul

* Barcelona

* European Cities at Night

* Europe's 27 Capital Cities

See the best tourism videos showing some of Asia's most beautiful cities.

Seven Cities to See in Asia


* Hong Kong

* Singapore

* Bangkok

* Shanghai

* Seoul

* Kuala Lumpur

* Bali

* Tokyo

* Hanoi

* Phuket

* China Overview

* India Overview

* Malaysia Overview


This app features the best tourism videos showing highlights from some of North America's most beautiful cities.

7 Cities to See in North America


* New York

* San Francisco

* Vancouver

* Chicago

* Las Vegas

* San Antonio

* Montreal


My Ideal Job App

This app brings you the best free videos about job search and career planning ideas.
Look for it to be released in mid October sometime!

* Find out what kind of job would best suit your personality type

* Get great advice from the author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" about your life path

* Get comic relief with two funny videos about job search

* Get the best tips for resume writing and job interviewing

* See how 10 celebrities (including Brad Pitt) scrambled to make a living before becoming famous

* See an entrepreneur in the making

* View the best tips about how to network

* Learn a very neat trick about how to use Google to find your ideal job close-by.

This free app requires an Internet connection. Hope you find it useful and enjoyable!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Love Advice: Tips on True Love, Dating and Relationships

Love Advice is a free video digest of some of the best tips on love and relationships.

*** What is true love?

***What is an ideal marriage?

***The best love quotes

***How to cope with a break-up

***The importance of being present in your relationship

***The key causes of divorce and how to prevent break-up

***Soulmates: on relating from soul versus ego

***Advice on attachement and desire

Many of the videos included here aim at helping us reach the highest level of love; beyond ego love.

Hope you enjoy!

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wedding Videos - Best Wedding Tips

This app is a collection of the best videos to see if you are planning a wedding.

Topics include:

- Wedding dress styles for 2010

- How to choose your flowers

- Getting married for cheap

- Upscale wedding ideas

- Wedding photography tips

- Bridal makeup (how to create an elegant and glamorous bridal look)

- Celebrity weddings (and their choice of dresses)

- Wedding planning tips

- Real wedding bloopers (for comic relief)

- The most popular wedding video ever

Get the Wedding Tips and Ideas app. It's free.

Hope you enjoy!!